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Nearly every part of the Ford Shelby GT350’s suspension is purpose-built for the sports car: It has the most powerful brakes ever fitted to a Ford, the lightest wheels and probably the most aggressive tires anywhere south of a V-8 supercar.

Ford invited journalists to Allen Park, Mich., near Detroit recently for a deeper dive into its latest high-performance pony car, and we came away even more excited to get behind the wheel.

Ford execs say they got everything they wanted from the engineers (and bean counters) including six-piston calipers, two-piece rotors, carbon fiber wheels, adjustable dampers and super-sticky tires, the latter of which were developed for this car.

The Mustang suspension — already new — has been heavily revised for the GT350. It gets a new aluminum front knuckle, plus hub and bearing assemblies that are stiffer and lighter than standard GT parts. The control arms and subframes get rigid bushings with heavy-duty bearings. [...]

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