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Good Morning Mike / John;

The car was delivered today at 10:30 EST. Your description of the car was actually underrated. I must say that the restoration on this car is one of the best that I’ve seen on a ’57. After inspecting the car the only cosmetic defect I found was a small scratch on the inside door jam that appears to have been created from an entrance or exit from the tight quarters of the driver’s seat.

I have purchased seven vintage (‘55 to ‘67) restored Corvettes through the years and this is the first time I did so sight unseen. Needless to say, I was a bit concerned initially but after doing some investigating I found mostly good things about “Corvette Mike’s”. It is refreshing to do business with an organization and its people that are responsive and truthful of what they are selling.

You have gained me as a potential future buyer of your organization and a good salesperson of your name. If I can ever be of service as a reference do not hesitate to use me.

Kindest Regards, Jim G, Toms River, NJ -> Testimonials

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