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2023 z06

2024 Z06 is the Motor Authority Best Car To Buy

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The 2024 C8 Z06 continues the legacy set by its predecessors, the 2021 C8 and the C7 Corvette ZR1, both celebrated as Best Cars To Buy by Motor Authority.

At the heart of the Z06 is a remarkable engine that rivals those found in high-end Italian cars. But it’s not just the engine that steals the show; it’s the Z06’s exceptional performance and reasonable price that make it a standout. Even at just over $100,000, its performance, design, and powertrain arrangement make it an incredible deal.

This beast boasts a brand-new 5.5-liter flat-plane crank LT6 V-8, delivering an astounding 670 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. It’s a record-breaker, standing as the most potent naturally aspirated production V-8 ever produced.

But it’s not just about the numbers, the Z06’s distinctive roar and the way the engine revs up creates its unique and thunderous sound. Thanks to a special crank, the engine breathes and revs with unmatched fervor, reaching an 8,600-rpm redline that’s simply exhilarating. Motor Authority Senior Editor Kirk Bell described it as an infusion of power and noise into an already exotic design.

It’s worth noting that the future might mark the end of an era for models like the C8 Z06 and the rumored upcoming ZR1. Many supercars have already made the shift from V8 engines to twin Turbo V6s, hinting that these V8-powered legends might be among the last of their kind.

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LS1 Powered 1954 Resto-Mod

Custom built for GM excecutive

Black w/Red interior, LS1, 4-speed automatic

This awesome ’54 was created by Darwin Clark, a retired GM executive of 45 years as VP General Manager of Industry Dealer Affairs, and Newman Car Creations. He had a long career of car collecting and restoring vintage GM automobiles. Darwin had a quest to build the ultimate 1954 Corvette, complete with an untouched original body and the perfect blend of power and handling. It was in 2001 that he purchased the vehicle to start his project. He chose the Newman Car Creations C4 chassis and components for the vehicle’s foundation. The power plant was a 1998 LS1 Chevy small block. Accessory pulleys came from March performance, while the cooling was upgraded with a Be Cool radiator. A stainless steel exhaust system using 2 1/2-inch tubing with Flowmaster mufflers allows this beauty to breathe with ease! The original transmission was replaced with the 4L60E with a modified Lokar shifter mated to an aluminum driveshaft. Ex-GM designer Steve Pasteiner, proprietor of Advanced Automotive Technologies in Rochester Hills, Michigan, carefully oversaw the complete and meticulous preparation for paint where the panel alignment was painstakingly gapped to 3/16 of an inch of perfection.

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1965 L84 327/375 Fuelie

Beautiful, restored fuelie!

Milano Maroon w/Saddle interior, L84 327/375hp F.I. 4-speed

This stunning Milano Maroon example featured here was lovingly restored and cared for by its previous owners. Extensive records were kept (3 binders full) of its restoration and care over the decades. The Milano Maroon exterior is perfectly complemented by the rich looking Saddle interior. And it also happens to be a fantastic driver! And driving it is where all the fun takes place!

Options include am/fm radio, power windows, telescoping steering column, side exhaust and aluminum knock off wheels.

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Five stars? I should give these guys six stars !!

They took delivery of my car on Monday from the transport company, and had it ready for pickup on Tuesday. That’s what I call service!

I was searching high and far for someone that stocked a front bumper for a 1974 Corvette. No one had one in stock, others said they could have in a few days. Gone are the days of keeping parts stocked but Corvettes Mike came through for me. I had to have it on the vette and ready for paint that night! The vette was being filmed the next night but it would take me an hour or more in traffic to Anaheim and then another couple hours back to Hollywood area. I asked if I could pay online with a credit card and if they could walk the part out to a Uber driver I would send. They said YES! I had the part in less than two hours and on the car and painted that night. BIG Thanks To Corvette Mikes!!!

Corvette Mike is the best corvette shop.
They took my car when other corvette shops would not take the time to even look at my car..
Corvette Mike not only took the time to take the chalenge and perform the work my car needed, but they went the extra mile to make sure everything worked on top shape.. Scott, is the mechanic who worked on my car, he kept me informed at all times during the time he was working on it…
Scott even tried to buff the paint on my car, but unfortunately my paint is beyond buffing, however, I appreciate that he tried to save the paint job.
Over all they did a great job on my car and it’s stronger than ever.
Thank you!!

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