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Breaking News from Kissimmee Florida

Corvette Mike’s Thundering Thursday

Volume 8-20 • January 21, 2021

Breaking News from Kissimmee Florida

x tony delorenzo 1967 Corvette

Mecum just held its large Kissimmee auction, and the top seller was a triple Black L88, selling for $2,500,000! This is great news for Corvette community and collectors worldwide.

The 1967 L88 Corvette is the best of the best in terms of performance when it comes to the second generation. They featured a high-performance 427-cid big block engine mated to a heavy duty M22 ‘Rock Crusher’ 4-speed manual transmission and nearly every race ready option GM had to offer. Its ultra-high-performance engine pumped out over 500-horsepower, and the transmission was nearly unbreakable. Suspension components were as heavy-duty as was ever put in a GM car and there was no need for a […]

Guinness World Record for Chevrolet Memorabilia

Corvette Mike’s Thundering Thursday

Volume 8-19 • January 14, 2021

Guinness World Record for Chevrolet Memorabilia


We all love Corvettes, but there is one man that seems to have taken the collection of Corvette memorabilia to a new level. Charles, got his first Corvette collectable at the ripe old age of 2, a 1959 pedal car, but now just has a photo of it!

Charles currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Chevrolet memorabilia. He owns more than 2,000 miniature Corvettes, from over 100 manufacturers like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Franklin Mint, etc., and without one duplicate, as well as Corvette-themed posters, soda cans, salt and pepper shakers, nail clippers, stuffed animals, and his favorite, a bobblehead of Betty Boop driving a Corvette. He also drives a 2005 blue […]

C8 Convertibles Wanted!

Corvette Mike’s Thundering Thursday

Volume 8-18 • January 7, 2021

C8 Convertibles Wanted!

c8 convertible wanted

C8 Earns Motor Authority’s Best Car to Buy Award

c8 corvette

The awards for the Mid-Engine C8 Corvette continue to grow. The most recent was from Motor Authority declaring the C8 Corvette “Best Car To Buy 2021”! They tested performance, luxury, and electric vehicles to find the car they thought was the best of the best to buy and drive.

Some of their editors thought the redesigned mid-engine Corvette was a shoo-in, but Editorial Director Marty Padgett challenged them to expand our definition of performance for the EV evolution underway. The Ford Mustang […]

Happy New Year’s from the Corvette Mike Team!

Corvette Mike’s Thundering Thursday

Volume 8-17 • December 30, 2020

Happy New Year’s From the Corvette Mike Team

corvette mike christmas

Salute to Performance – L88 “The Best of the Best”

l88 engine

For those of you new to the Corvette collector hobby, the L88 was a special option package developed under the direction of Zora Arkus-Duntov, director of GM’s performance division.

First introduced in 1967, the L88 Corvette featured a highly modified version of Chevy’s 427-cubic-inch V-8 engine. Although this engine received a factory horsepower rating of 430, actual engine output was somewhere between 540 and 580 horsepower, giving the “stock” L88 enough power to run a quarter-mile in the high-11-second […]


Corvette Mike’s Thundering Thursday

Volume 8-16 • December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas From the Corvette Mike Team

corvette mike christmas

GM extends warranty coverage for C7 Z06

GM issued a document to dealers this week indicating it had implemented the new extended warranty coverage on 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 model year C7 Corvette Z06 models. The document says these vehicles “may have a condition where the vehicle may overheat and enter a reduced power mode when driven on a track at sustained high speeds in high ambient temperatures.”

The special coverage looks to address this issue and “covers the condition described above for a period of 7 years or 72,000 miles, which occurs first, from the date the vehicle was original placed in service, regardless of ownership.” The document also indicates that vehicle owners or lessees […]

C8 Going Hybrid

Corvette Mike’s Thundering Thursday!

Vol 8:15 – December 17, 2020

As we have previously reported to you, Chevrolet will be releasing a new hybrid-electric variant of the C8 Corvette, titled the “E-Ray”. Unofficial reports suggest there will be an electric drive unit situated in the front cargo area of the car, and to power the electric motors, four 1.94 kWh batteries placed in the center of the C8.

It is estimated the peak power of the electric motors will be approximately 115hp and 111lb of torque and feed the front wheels. Performance is a focus and the electric motors will enable torque vectoring to the C8’s advance handling abilities. It is further reported that the E-Ray will not be able to drive on electric power only, but will complement the estimated to be 600 horsepower V8 sitting in the middle of the car.

This hybrid supercar is also expected to have a slightly wider body than […]

Give the Gift of an Event to Remember – 2021 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

Join us for our 70th Celebration

Treat Your Family and Friends to the 70th Celebration of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
Alternate text
We are gearing up for the 70th Celebration of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which is now scheduled for Sunday, August 15, 2021.    We can’t wait to celebrate great cars once again with great car people — like you!   

To mark our 70th Celebration, we will be featuring a wide array of our past Pebble Beach Concours Best of Show cars and reuniting all of the overall winners from the Pebble Beach Road Races. Additional features include: Pininfarina, Talbot-Lago Grand Sport, Porsche 917, Early Electric Cars, Iso Rivolta, Miller, and La Carrera Panamericana. And we even have another surprise or two in the works!  

If you have already purchased your tickets […]

2021 C8 Production Delayed

2021 C8 Production Delayed

gm c8 assembly 2

We have just learned that Corvette production date of the 2021 C8 has been pushed back yet again. The new date is December 14th.

The 2021 C8 will be ringing in new options, including colors Red Mist Metallic Tincoat and Silver Flare Metallic. Customization options will include the FE2-code Magnetic Selective Ride Control suspension without having to get the Z51 package for $995, dual racing stripes for $995, and a Stinger two-tone stripe for $500. Improvements in Apple Carplay and Android Auto have been made as well, including additional memory and enhanced voice recognition.

The Awards Keep Stacking Up

Motor Authority has just listed the 2021 Stingray in the top finalists for their “Best Car […]

2020 C8 Sales By The Numbers

C8 Production by the Numbers

first year production 2 1

With all the problems 2020 dished out, Chevrolet did not let Corvette enthusiasts down with 2020 C8 production. Chevy was able to pump out a total of 20,368 C8’s, exceeding most people’s expectations.

What was a bit surprising to us is that Chevy was able to produce enough to even sell 1,791 to customers outside of the USA, including Canada, Mexico and even the Middle East.

Most buyers didn’t wish to skimp the luxury details as 3LT was the most favored trim purchased, selling an impressive 9,456 packages, followed by 2LT at 7,966 and 1LT selling 2,946. But the spending did not stop there with 76% of C8 buyers selecting the optional Z51 package and […]

JD Power Awards C7 “Lowest Depreciation”

jd powers 2020 c7 1

Last week, we shared the award the 2021 C8 received from Car & Driver. We have all known that the Corvette has been the benchmark for bang-for-the-buck performance sports car, but on top of the relative low cost of entry, your investment does not drop in value like a rock.

This week America’s favorite sports car got even more recognition, as JD Power has just published their annual estimated depreciation values for used cars. The 2017 C7 Corvette clutched number one spot for the “lowest depreciation” in the Midsize Premium Sporty Car category. The C7 boldly outshined other competitors, including the Porsche 911 and the Nissan GT-R.

“Our transaction database shows which models have the lowest depreciation costs, hence providing consumers with […]

Car and Driver’s 10 best cars & trucks

c d 2021 c8 corvette 1

Once again, the Chevrolet Corvette has made Car and Driver’s 10 best cars & trucks for 2021. The C8 not only made the list, but it also topped it!

With a base price of $59,995, about the same price of half-ton pickups and tarted-up Jeep Wranglers, the “Corvette is performance value for all time”. But this is not all. They go on to praise the C8 Stingray’s 100-mile commuting ease and it’s affordability, bringing in an impressive rating of 10/10.

C&D noted that the interior, long a Corvette afterthought, is well wrought in any trim, with supportive seats and expensive-looking switchgear, and the noteworthy storage for up to two golf club sets that can be placed into the back trunk, […]

C8 Production Idled Again

Thank you to all our Veterans and active service members


veterans 1

Supply Issues Cause C8 Corvette Production Halt

gm c8 assembly 1

According to The Detroit News, Chevrolet is forced to, once again, pause production of the C8 Corvette for two days this Thursday and Friday due to a parts shortage from a supplier plant in Mexico.

Production is scheduled to resume on Monday, November 16th. It is estimated that this recent shutdown will prevent roughly 540 Corvettes from being built this week: further adding to the already plagued 2020 production. It has been reported that Chevrolet has built […]

Pebble Beach Concours Honors Its Historic Ties to Racing


1950–2020: An Unmatched Tradition of Automotive Excellence


Today We Remember How It All Began . . . Phil Hill’s Jaguar XK120 Retraces the Road to Its Historic First Victory


Seventy years back, on November 5, 1950, the first Pebble Beach Road Race took place — and the Pebble Beach Concours was born with it. To mark this historic event, we invited Derek Hill to retrace the old road race course driving the very same Jaguar XK120 that his father had driven to victory 70 years prior.

Mark Miller, who now owns that Jaguar, graciously loaned it to us. And thanks to our partnership […]

Dany Bahar’s Ares Design Coupe and Convertible

s1 prototypes 1

So you think the C8 is not “Super Car” looking enough for you? Well the people over at Dany Bahar’s Ares Design seem to have agreed with you.

Originally headquartered in the Modena area, like Maserati and Pagani Automobili, Dany Bahar’s Ares Design has come up with what they are calling the S1 Project based on the C8 Corvette, a wild coupe dressed as a hypercar, and an even bolder speedster to chase Ferrari’s, Aston Martin’s, McLaren’s and Lamborghini’s.

Ares says that the S1 Project was inspired by the racing prototype designs of the 1970s and ’80s, resulting in a full carbon fiber exterior over C8 mechanicals that’s Compression Force Deflection (CFD) tested to be as aero efficient as a supercar should be. […]

Build & Price Configurator For 2021 C8

Build & Price Configurator For 2021 C8

c8 builder 1

Chevrolet released the visualizer for the 2021 C8 last month for customers to play with. The website didn’t have the pricing, so speccing your future C8 would leave you drooling and wanting for the price.

Well we have great news, the pricing has now been added and you can now build and price the 2021 Corvette to your heart’s content.

Even though you can now spec out your new C8, you will still need to wait a while before your vehicle can be ordered, built and delivered. According to reports, the current waiting list is a whopping 18-months! This is due to the 2020 manufacturing issues, shutdowns, and demand.

1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe

C8RR Rebody Kit for the C8 Coupe

C8RR Rebody Kit for the C8 Coupe

c8 rebody 1

As great looking as the C8 Coupe is, people are always going to want to tweak it to make it fit more to their idea of perfect. Competition Carbon is a company with a reputation of such tweaking and has unveiled a wild body kit for the C8 Corvette Coupe.

The wide body kit is known as the C8RR and transforms the looks with a custom bumper crafted with the factory headlights replaced with a couple of small light units in the center of the new bumper and LED daytime running lights just above the front air intakes. An aggressive new hood, flared front and rear wheel arches, bespoke side skirts, a distinctive rear diffuser, and to […]

C8 Production Stopped Again

C8 Production Stopped Again

Gm C8 Assembly 1

Chevrolet has been forced to stop the production of the C8 Corvette again. This time the problem is a temporary parts supply issue.

Chevrolet has had a hard time keeping the C8 line up and running since the start. First it was the 40-day strike, then COVID-19 caused an eight-week shutdown, and now a parts shortage.

The plant stoppage is expected to last all week and is scheduled to reopen on October 19th. GM didn’t specify what parts caused the stoppage in production, but said “our supply chain, manufacturing and engineering teams are working closely with our supply base to mitigate any further impact on production.” No other plants are affected so it is a Corvette specific […]

Corvette Racing Historian Jan Hyde on the Corvette Today Podcast

Corvette Blogger

Racing fans will want to pull up a chair for this next episode of the CORVETTE TODAY Podcast. Host Steve Garrett sits down with Jan Hyde of the Registry of Corvette Race Cars for a fun-filled discussion on Corvette race cars and the drivers and teams that helped lead the way from the early days all the way through today’s factory-backed efforts.

If you’re a fan of Corvette Racing and a Corvette historian at heart-don’t miss this episode of CORVETTE TODAY!!!! Steve Garrett sits down with Jan Hyde from the Registry of Corvette Racing. Jan extensively goes through the history of Corvette Racing-all the way back to 1953. Plus, Jan talks about his website ( and how you can enjoy and learn all about Corvette history and racing. Jan looks […]

China’s Plug-In Hybrid C1 Knockoff

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Ss Dolphin Plug In Hybrid 1

China is well known for knocking off a good thing when they see it. When a Chinese car company by the name of Songsan decided to do the ultimate Plug-In Hybrid, their designers looked no further than the C1 Corvette. They named this “new” car the SS Dolphin.

It is not clear yet if/when this clone will be available in the US, or if it is just for the Chinese market, but it is clear they are targeting the younger retro market. It has been given a modern-day twist and features four circular LED headlights and a Corvette-inspired chrome grille. The model also has a chrome framed windshield and bumpers. A nice […]

GM Stops Delivery and Sales of C8

GM Stops Delivery and Sales of C8

2020 c8 yellow brakes

General Motors put out a widespread stop-sales and stop-delivery order to all dealers due to a brake sensor contamination issue. It looks like this recall will be repairable only at the dealer. The recall is caused because of contaminated material between a sensor and the brake boost system.

Cars that get affected by this issue can lose their electronic brake boost assist and may require extra brake pedal force to slow down and come to a stop. Also, if the computer sensors the issue, your speed may get limited as a safety precaution.

When a fix is found, owners with C8’s that are affected will be contacted directly by GM to schedule a fix. […]

Genovation’s GXE Electric Corvette Shatters Thunderhill World Record

thundering thursday sept 24

Genovation’s GXE Electric Corvette
Shatters Thunderhill

Randy Pobst Gxe 1

Genovation has been building and refining the All Electric C7 Corvette for a few years now, setting records along the way.

The Genovation’s GXE boasts a pair of electric motors producing 800 hp (718 lb-ft of torque) mated to a seven-speed manual transmission, unlike most electric powered cars these days with a single-speed gearbox. And is Already the world’s fastest street-legal electric car at 211.8 mph.

As the world’s fastest street-legal electric car (for now), the GXE employs a pair of electric motors under the […]

Electric Lego Corvette ZR1

Thundering Thursday Sept17

Lego engineering at its finest

Lago Zr 1 1

Back in 2019, Lego added the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 to its lineup, we knew people would turn it into an awesome work of art. But we never imagined one automotive enthusiast would take the stock Lego model to a completely new level.

The guy from the video above bought a 2019 Corvette ZR1 from Lego and added a fully functional electric powertrain consisting of a small DC electric motor and a four-speed manual gearbox. Yes, you can row your own gears on a Lego car.

In the video, […]

Restored 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Looks Great With Factory Sidepipes

This L71 car is rocking a 427 under the hood.

Corvette Mike Anaheim sells some of the coolest ‘Vettes you can find, and this beautiful 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L71 is a great example. This 1969 Corvette is packing a powerful punch with the L71 427 V8, but this restored C3 is highly original and is currently up for auction on Bring A Trailer.


Image Credit: Corvette Mike Anaheim

Just looking at the overall condition of this car, it isn’t hard to see why this 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L71 earned the NCRS Top Flight award in 2014. Following an extensive frame-off restoration back in 2013, the Corvette retains its original style with a Fathom Green paint job over a saddle leather interior. As cool as the ’69 […]

Last Chance! Enter to Win a Lexus in our Charity Drawing


lex lcc my21 0099_crop_exp_web

This is the final week to reserve your charity drawing tickets to win a 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible and support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County. Tickets are $100 each and winner need not be present to win.

Click here to reserve your tickets or call 831-394-5171. Ticket reservations close at 10:00am Sunday, September 13.

The winner will be drawn this Sunday, September 13, 2020.

 We hope you will consider participating in this fundraising effort, joining with us to help people in need even though we […]

1.75 Million Corvettes And Counting!

Thundering Thursday Sept 10

1,750,000th Corvette Built Was Raffled Off

175 Corvette

Nearly seven decades ago, Corvette #1 rolled off the hand built assembly line. Now in its eighth generation, an incredible 1,750,000 Vettes have been produced. To celebrate this achievement, and to raise some money for the National Corvette Museum, the 1.75 millionth Corvette has been raffled off.

Raffle was part of the National Corvette Museum’s ongoing fund-raising efforts, and was held September 4th, 2020, with Don Creekmore from Wichita, Kansas, taking home the prize.

Just like the first Corvette, and the one millionth Corvette, this C8 Coupe was […]

Rally Red 1965 Corvette – Originally purchased and owned by CBS for use in television shows and advertisements.

Movie cars range from fully custom creations to showroom stock with this 1965 Chevrolet Corvette convertible obviously falling into the latter group. As is the case with most classic cars, this one being auctioned off by Corvette Mike Anaheim on  Bring a Trailer has an interesting back story including its use in popular television shows and promotional campaigns.

Despite being a 1965 Corvette, this car was actually ordered by an employee of CBS in 1962 for use on the television series Route 66. Sadly, that show was cancelled about a month after this Corvette was built, but it was still delivered to the production company and repurposed to Perry Mason where it was reportedly used on that show’s final two seasons as character Paul Drake’s on-screen car – not a bad ride for a fictional private detective. This Corvette was also used in Chevrolet ad campaigns featuring stars from Bonanza, Bewitched and The Man […]

9.8L V12 Corvette ZR-12

Thundering Thursday Sept 3

Corvette Zr 12

Chevrolet has made a few very rare production cars, like the 1969 ZL1, 1967 L88, and the C3 ZR-1’s. They have also made more than a few experimental cars, but few of them survived the crusher once they did not serve a purpose anymore. One experimental that did survive was the one and only ZR-12!

At the 1989 Detroit Auto Show, Dodge revealed the Viper and its V10 engine, and General Motors believed it would be a formidable competitor to the Corvette. In response, the automaker commissioned a chassis study in the early 1990’s to see […]

C8 Z06, Twin-Cam, Twin-Turbo, Flat-Plane?

Thundering Thursday August27

new rumor from Motortrend
2022 C8 Z06

2022 Z06

Just like the C8 was a major change from the C7, the report from Motortrend says the 2022 (or maybe 2023) Z06 will be sporting a 4.2 liter (give or take), 650hp, dual-overhead cam, flat-plane crank, twin Turbo, V8. An upgraded eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, revised suspension and a set of sticky summer tires, wider at the rear will be added to control the extra HP.

The Z06 will also go on a diet and feature a number of lightweight materials, such as the exhaust, rear wing, […]

C8 Convertibles Arriving

thundering thursday

C8 Convertibles Arriving At Dealerships

C8 Convertible 1

The C8 Corvette has suffered from various delays, stops, and starts since the reveal. Buyers have been forced to endure delays from a union strike and the pandemic, but it appears the 2020 Chevy Corvette Convertible is arriving at dealerships. 

The Corvette Convertible production began on August 3, but it looks like the first batch likely was held for quality-control checks before being shipped off to the buying public. There’s a new video on YouTube of at least one, a blue-on-blue-on-blue example arriving at Criswell Chevrolet in Maryland with a sold sign […]

Loaded 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Is A Rare Split Window

A long list of options makes this ultra-desirable ’63 Corvette a true needle in the haystack.

With over 10,000 Sting Ray coupes built in ’63, there are definitely a number of Corvette models that were built in more limited numbers, but the split-window design makes these first-year C2s a must-have for any diehard car collector. This Daytona Blue 1963 Chevrolet Corvette represents an ultra-rare example of a split window as it checked practically every option box available, and it is one out of just 278 equipped with factory air conditioning. Now this fully restored and fully loaded ’63 ‘Vette is up for sale through Corvette Mike.


Fastest Pikes Peak Corvette

Thundering Thursday Header Aug 13

Have you ever wanted to own a Corvette Race Car?

Pikes Peak Race Car

You can now buy the fastest Corvette to ever Climb Pikes Peak!

Building a race car is fun and all, but wouldn’t it be better just to buy a proven hill climb machine built by some of the best in the business, and shaken down by a professional driver? If you agree, you are in luck. The fastest Chevrolet Corvette ever to drive the infamous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is up for auction on Bring A Trailer.

Starting out life […]

The August INSIDER  



2020 Charity Drawing for 2021 LC 500 Convertible donated by Lexus


7320fd6c 24b8 46c4 Bda9 79aaff7586ae

The Pebble Beach Concours and Pebble Beach Company have partnered with Lexus to offer a 2021 LC 500 Convertible in a 2020 charity drawing. All receipts from this 2020 charity drawing will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County—a longstanding beneficiary of the Pebble Beach Concours and Pebble Beach Company Foundation’s charitable giving initiatives.

The Pebble Beach Concours invites the public, including friends in the car world and anyone who loves Pebble Beach, to join in supporting this deserving charity by reserving a ticket at A total of 3,000 tickets are available at […]

2020 C8 Convertibles are in Production

Thundering Thursday Aug 6


2020 C8 Convertibles are in Production


C8 Convertible

We have been waiting a long time for the C8 convertible, but the wait is about to end for some. The first orders for the 2020 Corvette Convertible have begun production and are rolling off the assembly line. They will soon be on their way to anxious buyers who placed their orders many months ago.

2021 Options Get Price Increase

Chevrolet has decided not to increase the base price of the 2021 C8 over the 2020 price, but this does not mean that a […]

Ex-Blind Man Buys New Corvette

Thundering Thursday July 30

Modern Medicine Gave Man Sight
So he goes and buys a Corvette!

Blind Driver

What do you do when modern medicine gives you sight after a lifetime of being legally blind? Well of course you buy a Corvette, sight unseen (pardon the pun). Oh, and then you go get a driver’s license.

Mike Schickerowski was born with Nystagmus, a condition where the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements that result in extremely blurred vision. As he explains it, “If you’ve ever taken a photo with your camera and moved it slightly, or the object moved, and […]

C8 Frunk Problem

Thundering Thursday July 16

Customers Report Frunks Flying Open;
GM Comments

C8 Hood Opening

There are a few reports from C8 owners that the frunk is flying open when the vehicle is driving along. The problem is that the frunk is just the right size to nearly cover your entire view forward, and can of course scare the hell out of you. For these reasons, GM is taking these reports very seriously.

In a statement from GM, a Chevrolet spokesperson claims the hood-opening issue is the users’ fault, not the Chevy’s. The statement goes on to say that the […]

The Road to Best of Show


July Insider




Featured in the July Issue of the INSIDER…





Tucked away in one of North Vancouver’s industrial districts is RX Autoworks — the team responsible for many Pebble Beach cars, including the 2018 Best of Show, a 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B owned by […]

4th of July Corvette Gets 100th Win



thundering thursday

  Corvette Racing’s 100th victory in IMSA racing

2020 c8.r

After shutdown, Pratt & Miller, had just a month to prepare the new C8.R for the 4th of July race. The Corvette team is known for their tenacity and never letting anything stop them. Working at both the Michigan shop and a North Carolina simulator, the team was ready to hit the track for the first time in months on July 3, just 24 hours before Saturday night’s green flag at the Rolex Daytona 24-Hour race.

Antonio Garcia and Jordan Taylor Piloted, […]

Junk Yard Rescue

thundering thursday header july

1963 SWC Z06 rescued from Junk Yard

junk yard swc z06

A 1963 Corvette Z06 Split Window Coupe has been found rotting away in a scrapyard. It was apparently junk to the one person who put it there in 1971, and to all the people that walked by it over the years.

As they only made 199 Z06’s in 1963. And as the split rear window was a one year only design, this find is arguably one of the most desirable Classic Corvettes there is. On top of being a Z06, it was also equiped with […]

Toyota Dealer Begging for C8 Customers

thundering thursday header

Toyota Dealer Begs for C8 Customers

toyota sign

It seems like some Toyota dealers may be having a hard time selling their new Supra’s, as one dealer in Louisiana has gone as far as paying for a billboard trying to lure C8 buyers over to the dark side.

“Still waiting on a Corvette? Come get your Supra,” reads the billboard photographed and uploaded by mudbug on the Corvette Forum. When you look at their inventory, you can see why they are so desperate to sell somebody a Supra. They have not one, but two 3.0 Premium models […]

Let the Shipping Continue



Let the Shipping Continue

c8 delivery

Word has come out that the Corvette factory has begun shipping C8’s again! Trucks were spotted leaving the factory loaded with C8’s all wrapped up and on their way to their new owners.

According to Kevin Kelly, a GM spokesperson, “We are not going to build all of the 2020 orders.” They will only be building the orders they have inhouse and will be working with the dealers and customers that had orders for the 2020, that the factory had not accepted yet, and offer them spots for the 2021.

Read more

Next C8 to Get Active Aero?

heading tt


C8 Z06 rumored To Get Massive Tires & Active Aero


c8 z06

According to a newly leaked GM document, the Next C8 performance iteration, the Z06, will be coming out in 2022! Like all past Z06’s, this one will be track-ready, but still suitable for getting milk at the local store, but hopefully with a curvy road to get you there.

On top of the normally aspirated, flat-plane crank, 5.5-liter DOHC V8 we have talked about in the past (with 650 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque), it will be getting 20-inch wheels in […]

2020 C8 By The Numbers



C8’s by the #’s

c8s shipping

Chevrolet’s factory is back up and building the C8 again. During a presentation at the National Corvette Museum’s Annual Corvette Bash, Chevrolet released some detailed information on how customers are ordering their new Vettes.

Most people are ordering the loaded with the 3LT package (44%), followed by 2LT (40%) and the budget-minded 1LT (16%) in last place.

As for colors, Torch Red took top place with 25%, Arctic White with 15%, Black with 12%, Sebring Orange and Elkhart Lake Blue at 7% each, Rapid Blue, Ceramic Matrix, Blade Silver and Shadow Gray all […]

Corvette Racing Crew Chief Dan Binks Retires

screenshot_1 1


Our team continues to meet and discuss how we are going to move ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. Per California law, we have decided to remain open for business to serve our valued customers.


After 38 Years Corvette Crew Chief Retires


Corvette Racing crew chief Dan Binks has decided it was time to retire from the General Motors factory team after 38 years. He first joined the Pratt & Miller crew in 2002 and has been instrumental in the team’s success.

According to Racer, Binks helped Corvette Racing reduce its pit stop times considerably and helped set “new standards for […]

Corvette Academy

tt headbanner

Our team continues to meet and discuss how we are going to move ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. Per California law, we have decided to remain open for business to serve our valued customers.


Chevy Makes Videos To Master The C8

corvette academy


Want to learn all about C8’s awesomeness? Chevrolet has you covered.

Any time you buy a new car, it’s a good idea to equate yourself with as much information about your new car as possible. This is especially true for the new Mid-Engine Corvette, as it is not like any other […]

No Le Mans 2020 For Corvette


Our team continues to meet and discuss how we are going to move ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. Per California law, we have decided to remain open for business to serve our valued customers.


Corvette Becomes Latest Withdrawal
from Le Mans


c8 race car

Last week, the Porsche GT Team withdraw their two 911 RSR’s from the 2020 24 Hours of Le Mans and due to uncertainties surrounding the events around the world, this week the Corvette Racing team made the same decision for the 88th running of this prestigious race. This will allow the reserve cars to fill spots and be able to race.


Which C8 Corvette Z51 Would You Buy?

By Jeffrey N. Ross, Motorious • May 13, 2020

These two C8 Corvettes are practically brand new, and they’re both for sale.

Even before it was announced that the first-year C8 Corvettes are going to be pure unobtanium at your local Chevrolet dealership, these cars were already selling extremely fast on the resale market. Due to the COVID shutdown, only 2,700 mid-engine Corvettes have rolled off the Bowling Green, Kentucky assembly line, but if you’re in the market for a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, Corvette Mike has you covered!

So which one of these rare ‘Vettes would you choose?

Black 3LT Z51

corvette c8 corvette mike black

With just seven miles showing on the odometer, this C8 Z51 is about as close as you can get to buying a brand-new 2020 Corvette. On […]

Eli Manning Auctions Personal MVP C6 GS For COVID-19 Relief

Our team continues to meet and discuss how we are going to move ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. Per California law, we have decided to remain open for business to serve our valued customers.

Manning’s Super Bowl MVP Grand Sport auctioned for Covid-19 relief

Eli Manning C6 Corvette 1

The former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning recently accepted the All In Challenge to raise money for COVID-19 relief. The NFL superstar offered up the Grand Sport Convertible he was given in 2012 as recognition for earning the MVP award in Super Bowl XLVI. Not only would the high bidder get this special car, but Eli would also personally deliver it to the new owner, hang out with them, and then would take them out for lunch!

The auction ended April 28th […]

Who is buying the C8’s?

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Our team continues to meet and discuss how we are going to move ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. Per California law, we have decided to remain open for business to serve our valued customers.


What age bracket is buying the C8?

young c8 buyer

There are no official numbers, but according to a Canadian salesperson, the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette buyers are skewing way younger. The highest purchasing group he is seeing are people in their 40’s, with people in their 30’s being the second highest group. This is what we are seeing here at Corvette Mike also.

Not only are younger people buying the C8, […]

Z06 Coming in 2021

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Our team continues to meet and discuss how we are going to move ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. Per California law, we have decided to remain open for business to serve our valued customers.


600hp, Normally Aspirated, 32-Valves and DOHC C8?

c8 z06

(C) Car And Driver

It is being reported that the C8 Z06 is still in development and could come as a 2021 Model, but the Coronavirus may push this to 2022. The car will be powered by a naturally aspirated DOHC 32-valve 5.5-liter Flat-Plane V8, Able to rev to between 8500 and 9000 rpm!

According to reports from Car and Driver […]

70th Pebble Beach Concours Moves to 2021

2020 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Cancelled Due to Ongoing COVID-19 Concerns

image beach


PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (April 22, 2020) — Knowing that entrants, judges, volunteers and guests face ongoing health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, officials of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance have decided to cancel the show, which was scheduled for August 16, 2020.
“My heart goes out to all of the people who are involved in the Pebble Beach Concours and who are impacted by this decision,” said Concours Chairman Sandra Button. “Many of our entrants have been working on a special car for years, and this was to be their moment. Some of our overseas entrants were nearing the point of putting their cars on boats and planes, and their own travel […]

No C8 Convertible for 2020?

Our team continues to meet and discuss how we are going to move ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. Per California law, we have decided to remain open for business to serve our valued customers. Kai Spande Interview

Kai Spande, the Corvette assembly plant manager, did a live Q&A at the Corvette Museum taking questions from the public. One of the questions asked was if the 2020 C8 convertible the caller had on order would be produced as a 2020 or get pushed to the next model year. The answer, which was the answer to a lot of the questions, was that it all depended on when the plant could reopen.

The problem, as Kai put it, is that it is not just getting the factory workers back on […]

2021 C8 Performance and Appearance Changes


Our team continues to meet and discuss how we are going to move ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. Per California law, we have decided to remain open for business to serve our valued customers. 2021 C8 brings minor option changes

2021 c8 r

When the factory gets going again, and can finish the 2020 C8 orders, there will be some minor option changes for people ordering the 2021 C8.

The biggest change is that you can get the Magnetic Ride Control suspension system as a standalone option, separate from the Z51 Performance Package. The Magnetic Ride Control suspension system allows the driver to pick the level of comfort/handling they desire for the road or track they are driving on.

Other, less significant changes coming for 2021 are Wireless Apple CarPlay will be standard […]

GM Stops Future Development


Our team met this morning to discuss how we are going to move ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. Per California law, we have decided to remain open for business to serve our valued customers.


GM putting future Corvette development on hold

There is new news that GM has directed suppliers to put off work and development of mid-cycle updates for many of their vehicle models until 2021. This effects the new versions of the C8 Corvette and Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra models, the GMC Terrain, the Chevy Equinox and Transverse, the Bolt EV, and Chevy Camaro.

We don’t know how far this will push out future variants, but don’t plan on seeing a Z06, ZR1 or hybrid version of the C8 until after 2022.

This decision was made do to […]

Hennessey’s Twin-Turbo C8

Our team met this morning to discuss how we are going to move ahead with the COVID-19 outbreak. Per California law, we have decided to remain open for business to serve our valued customers.

Hennessey has installed Twin-Turbos on a C8

hennessey twin turbo

Hennessey Performance, the Texas-based tuner known for revving up GM and other automobiles, has already taken delivery of a C8 and installed a set of turbos as a proof of concept.

Hennessey unveiled its latest build in a teaser video showing the in-process C8 going through first stage testing, while attached to a dyno at the shop. The numbers they sow are 643.1hp and 570.1 torque. These are not bad numbers considering GM has not opened up the computer yet to 3rd party programming.

This is just the start for […]

GM Shuts Down and C8 Hi-Tech Exhaust

thundering thursday

Our team met this morning to discuss how we are going to move ahead in this situation with the COVID-19 outbreak. We have decided to remain open for business to help our valued customers. Detroit automakers Ford, General Motors, FCA agree to close all US plants.

General Motors confirmed Wednesday it will begin a “systematic orderly suspension of manufacturing operations in North America due to market conditions and to deep clean facilities and continue to protect people.”

Its suspension of production will last until at least March 30, the company said. After that, production status will be evaluated week-to-week.

“GM and the UAW have always put the health and safety of the people entering GM plants first,” said GM CEO Mary Barra. “We have been taking extraordinary precautions […]

The First batch of C8’s are on their way to new owners

c8s shipping

The day a lot of us have been waiting for has finally arrived. The first batch of C8s have officially left the factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky, otherwise known as the home of the ‘Vette. The first truckloads of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 left their production facility around 8:30 p.m. last Wednesday night, meaning that they’re officially on their way to lucky owners throughout the nation.

On top of the truckloads of C8s, the Corvette Museum is also delivering Vettes to the lucky few who bought this option and are at the front of the list. You can watch the first Museum delivery by clicking Here.



2020 Owner’s Manual Suggests Hybrid C8 Coming

c8 fuse box

The official owner’s manual for the 2020 C8 has just been released on the web and references a Lithium-Ion battery module, something found only if you have a hybrid car.

This information can be found on page 244 of the owner’s manual and also shows another interesting item, a power sounder module. This module is also known as a pedestrian-friendly alert function; soon to be a federal government mandate for all cars that operate on battery power under a certain speed. This system emits a sound to alert pedestrians of the vehicle since some hybrids make no noise and EVs are silent all the time. This feature could mean a hybrid variant of the new Corvette will include an electric-only driving mode, or just be part of the GM […]

C8’s Flying car mode

airborne c8

Chevrolet knew from the start that the new midengined Corvette would get a lot of scrutiny and comparisons to the existing midengined supercars on the market, so they have invested a lot of time in testing. This has proven to be very beneficial, as almost all the reviews have been extremely positive.

It turns out that one of the things Chevrolet found was that on a race track, and set to the most aggressive performance mode, that when the C8 gets airborne, the rear wheels start to spin faster as they lose contact with the earth, the traction control system thinks the car hit a patch of something slippery and reduces the speed of the tires to try and regain traction. This is not what you want to […]

C8’s Most Popular Options

The new C8 Corvette is scheduled to hit dealers’ lots at the end of this month or early next month, and we are getting some information on how the first batch is being built. Out of the first 440 units: 3LT trim level is most popular so far with 298 buyers. 2LT is next with [...]

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