Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do consignments?
Yes. Corvette Mike offers our clients two forms of consignments, both of which give your car worldwide exposure. The first is website only (without having to take it out of your garage); the second is our Anaheim showroom and Website listing (the car must be present in our showroom). Call (714) 630-0700 or Email us to find out more information.

What is “consignment”?
Consignment with Corvette Mike gives you the advantage of listing your car with a world renowned company with the resources and potential contacts of our vast customer database. When the car sells, Corvette Mike will take a percentage of the selling price as our fee.

What does “matching numbers” mean?
The term, “matching numbers” has been overused, and often misused. Basically, it means that the numbers and date codes on the drivetrain components match the VIN (vehicle identification number) on the car.

Do you do appraisals for insurance?
Yes, we do insurance appraisals at our Anaheim facility. Appraisals include a description of the vehicle, current condition, and market value and start at $250. Appointments are recommended. All others based on availability (ie. court documents, IRS, divorce, gifts, car not present, rebuilds, wrecks, drive time, mechanical inspections, etc.).

I want to sell my Corvette, do you buy?
YES! We sell on average 25 Corvettes per month and to keep up with demand we must buy at least a Corvette a day.

How many Corvettes do you have in stock?
We keep on average 50 Corvette, Muscle, and Exotic cars in inventory. Visit our Web site every few days to keep track of the changes.

I’m looking for a specific Corvette can you help me?
Yes, we pride ourselves in our ability to research, find and purchase specific Corvettes for our customers. All it takes is a minute or two of your time to ask the necessary questions to locate the Corvette of your dreams.

What’s the oldest Corvette you have?
We have in stock the very first year Corvette delivered to the public, a 1953, (#14 with multiple 99 point scorings), all the way up to the newest, hottest, fastest 2011.

Do you have franchise areas available?
We are always looking for ways to better serve our clients and currently have areas available suitable for new franchises. Please contact Mike Vietro for further information.

Are all Corvettes fiberglass?
Corvette bodies have been magnet proof since the very first one was produced in June 1953. Fiberglass and the production of it has changed over the years, but the Corvette remains known as a “Plastic Car” to this day.

Can I finance my Corvette?
The key to selling Corvettes is knowing where to finance one. We provide some of the most competitive finance packages available today in the classic car business. And remember every payment you make on a classic is like money in the bank.

Can I lease a Corvette?
Leasing is also a great way afford a Corvette. Whether, it’s old or new we have the relationships with lessors to make your decision easy. Let’s discuss it today.

How much money down do I need?
We have lenders out there that require no money down on approved credit. Credit scores are key and the higher the score the lower the interest rate.

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