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The Team at Corvette Mike takes great pride in their work. We are proud to share our customer testimonials! If you would like to share yours, please contact us!


corvette mike reviewI just purchased my 4th Corvette, a 1963 split window coupe, from Corvette Mike in Anaheim. I’ve been doing business with Mike since 1986 when I purchased a 1969 big block convertible from Mike. In a world filled with “reconstructed cars” created to emulate a popular model, you can be sure that you are buying the “real thing” from CM. Their knowledge is unrivaled and their honesty is beyond reproach. If you are looking for a quality selection and a dealer that you can do business with who knows the product inside out, you’d do well to talk to the folks at CM. I highly recommend them whether you are looking for a dependable daily driver or an investment grade model.

Charlie G.

These guys are Experts!  I brought my 2008 vette in for service and they were great!  They kept me up to date, explained the various issues found in a detailed way as well as explaining their solution approach. The shop is extremely clean and professional with incredibly low rates.  You will be happy to have them work on your car!

John D.

I’ve known of Corvette Mike since the mid 80s, but am only now seeking them out, since my 2017 Grand Sport needs some maintenance. So, after signing up for their newsletter, Troy promptly sent me a welcome email, and solicited a picture of my Vette and a short story. Today, I drove there to meet Troy and also meet with the Service Writer, Richard, who knowledgeably answered all my questions (not necessarily an easy task!).

Bottom line: I’ve read many other positive reviews, and with minimal trepidation, went there to check them out. My fears lacked any basis, as I was treated with the utmost respect, and will take my car there in 5 weeks, which is how long they are booked out. Must be a good shop to have such demand for their services!

William E.

I found this corvette on line and noticed that it was at a dealership named Corvette Mike, I googled their website and read customer reviews then decided to contact Jeff Romm at Corvette Mike. Jeff was a pleasure to work with and answered every one of my questions about the car. I was calling Jeff about every day with more questions and he was always willing to take the time to speak with me and answer my questions. This car was a one owner with 21,000 miles on it. Jeff was very knowledgeable about the car and it’s history, which is more than I could say about other dealerships I had talked to about their corvettes. I decided to purchase this car site unseen and had it shipped to my home in Colorado. Jeff made all the arraignments to have the car shipped to me and when it arrived, I couldn’t be happier. Jeff was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to purchase another vehicle from him in the future. My wife and I took the car out the day it arrived and took the picture with the book cliffs in the background.

Thanks again Jeff, it was a pleasure dealing with you.



My 1965 Corvette arrived today and I could not be happier. This car is beautiful!! I was a little nervous about making a substantial purchase like this over the internet. These guys were very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. Corvette Mike has a very good reputation in the collector car hobby and I can certainly attest to their knowledge and professionalism. A shout out to Mike, Troy, and Jeff for all the help. I was pleasantly surprised when this thing rolled off the truck. Thanks again guys!

Mark M.


Five Star Google Review for Corvette Mike

I know a lot of good car guys. I know a lot of nice guys. Nice guys who are also good car guys are about as rare as a numbers-matching ‘67 L88. I like to see deserving people have success. It reminds me that kindness and character matter. We don’t see a lot of that these days. You might consider champagne tonight. Cheers to you sir….🍾🥂

James L.

Hi Mike, hi Jeff, hi Troy

The 1958 Corvette I bought with you has finally arrived on May 4 at my home and is allowed to go into traffic since last week.

I am very happy with the car and I believe – and many connoisseurs around me – that I have made a good deal with the car. It’s in mint condition. The engine runs smoothly, the EPA power steering helps driving it a lot and the breaks are worth the name.

In the meantime I have been able to trace back the owner history to five previous individuals. Probably the first owner and definitely the second live in California. It then moved to Arizona and further on to the state of New York. There it was shortly owned by a respected NCRS member who passed it on to Masterworks Automotive in Michigan. I am in contact with 3 of those previous owners and even had a short phone call with one.

The car is in many ways very close to the state of its delivery in January 1958, of course well-knowing that there are many reproduction pieces on it. It definitely did look differently and was differently equipped before 2015.

I would like to thank you for the job you’ve done with helping me buy and ship the car. I haven’t had any unexpected additional costs and the car is awesome. I am aware that I must have sometimes been a rather demanding client, greenhorn in these matters as I was. Thanks for dealing with me correctly.

It is a particular joy to my wife who is very eager to be driven around. The most heard comment from young and old, man and woman on the streets is simply ‘wonderful’.

All the best to you and your company! Be assured that I will recommend you.

Urs H.

Hi Jeff & Mike

My car is bad ass!! Love it.  All the work performed made it just right.  One of the first times I’ve got a car back with no disappointments Tell Chris good job And thank you to you all

5 stars.

Casey L.

The 97 Turbo is beautiful inside & out, top to bottom. It drives smoothly & comfortably, & the transmission & clutch are smooth as silk & precise. Right foot to the floor, quickly shift & shift, shift, shift, shift & shift, just ahead of the kill switch.

With shared appreciation of quality & performance.


I have been a customer of Corvette Mike for many years. I have worked with them on both the service and sales side. In a business that is filled with various shysters and Sitting in with house band on Saturday night at Layla’s on Broadway in Nashville, working with Corvette Mike and his team in Anaheim hills is a breath of fresh air. They do what they say and say what they do. Their prices are fair. Mike is one of the most knowledgeable Corvette guys on the planet especially when it comes to Stingrays and I have had involvement with him on both my 65 L79 convertible and a 67 L71 convertible, which I ended up actually selling to Corvette Mike. On that transaction they paid me a fair price and getting paid was no muss no fuss, again which is unusual sometimes in this business.

Overall, if you are a car hobbyist and want to buy your first classic Corvette, or are a seasoned veteran and want to buy or sell or service, you have come to the right place at Corvette Mike. There is a reason that his business survive the recession and continues to prosper after decades.

Gordon W.

1967 corvette convertible _davidm

My day was great!  My ’67 arrived and it is spectacular. Stunning.  Thanks Marine.

David M “Corvette Blogger”

Corvette Mike Service Testimonial

Hi Troy,

RogerT Thunderbird

Just a quick note to say we are really enjoying the Thunderbird and have joined the Ramrodders car club in Masterton where we live. They celebrated their 40 year anniversary with a rod run and have included some photos for you.


Roger T

I just bought a 2007 Corvette Indy Pace Car from Mike’s Corvettes in California. California ??? I live in Pennsylvania WOW !!! I bought this car sight unseen.  The car was delivered exactly as described by pictures and video. Troy, my salesman, was awesome in his description of the car and help in getting it shipped to PA. (Which Corvette Mike took care of all the shipping needs). Jeff and Neida took care of my easy paperwork and got the title to me very quickly. Thank you guys and gal for a very easy purchase. Now it sits next to my 98 Vette Pace Car in my garage. I can’t wait for Spring !!

Mike D. New Tripoli, PA

Hi Mike,

I hope you are having a great weekend! PLYCAR delivered my all original 1969 Corvette yesterday. The delivery was excellent! I wrote an email to PLYCAR thanking them of which I sent you a copy. It was a great experience and their service was excellent! I was very impressed and I highly recommend them! I will send you some pictures of the delivery.

Regarding the all original 1969 red/black 350/350 Convertible. You were exactly right in your description. It is beautiful example of a great all original, low mile Corvette and I am very happy with it!!! It is exactly like my first Corvette! I agree with you, it looks, starts, runs and drives exactly like an all original, low mile, no-hit Corvette should. I drove it about 20 miles yesterday and didn’t want to stop. I also agree with you on the paint. I may be wrong, but I think it is all original too. I saw a little overspray on the antenna bezel and the metal edge of the hard top, but I am not sure, that may well be factory. I was also very impressed with the chassis. The shim tape is still there and in good condition, like a 35K mile car should be. There are also the chalk marks and crayon marks that you would expect to see on a low mile car. As you know it still has the original spare, but even the spare tire lock with rubber boot are in excellent condition. All of the dates on the car are correct including the hard top date. All of the glass including the windshield are original. And the smell, oh man I love the smell. I know that you know exactly what I am saying when I say that. You open the door and stick your head in the car and it is that infamous Corvette smell and is like going back to 1969. The interior is in incredible original condition. The clock just ticks away and the interior lights all work like they should. The only problem I noticed was the dash lights don’t work, but I will check into that and it may be just a simple fuse. The only other thing I noticed was twice after driving it, it spit a little antifreeze out of the overflow hose when I shut it off. However, it ran at a great temperature so the spitting up was probably where it may have just been too full. It is such a pleasure to drive! It drives exactly like it did back in 1969! It is truly a great all original low mile car and I sincerely appreciate all of your cooperation in my purchase.

Thanks my friend!


Hallo Mike,

Traveler 1


Leonard come today to his new Home in Germany, now 2 M 22 Cars are sitting side by side, the Coupe is the second build L 88 Prototype.

Maybe I will find more out about the Car. Now I want to start the research. 

Thank you very much for this car.

Rolf & Petra (from Germany)

Service Testimonials

Very satisfied with service and my service person. I very much appreciate that Chris stepped in and took care of the issue with my car, even though he had just changed position within the company and no longer were expected to deal with the “alteration” of my car.

Work completed was better than expected. The Corvette Mike Service department fully resolved my service issue. I am very likely to recommend the Service department and my service person (Chris). Both Chad and Chris helped me. I had been advised to see Chris, but he changed position within the company so Chad is who I made the appointment with. However, Chris ended up doing to work on my car! Everybody were very nice!

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Corvette Mike Sales & Service
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Blake M.
Blake M.
2017-08-23 11:24:34
If you own a Corvette and need work, this is the place! Very friendly & knowledgable staff. Carl Pouh replaced my shifter on my 06 C6 and it is a night and...
Mother V.
Mother V.
2017-08-18 10:29:14
Appreciate all of the hard work and attention to detail that my 1960 Vette is receiving at Corvette Mike! I have been looking for the right place to send my...
Joseph F.
Joseph F.
2017-08-14 15:24:00
Thank you all at Corvette Mike. So glad I could finally take my 2016 C7 there today and may I say that I wish that I had done this sooner. Reading about you...

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Corvette Mike
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Sheila Vietro
Sheila Vietro
01:47 14 Jan 20
Candy Store of Corvettes.... THE place to buy from,! Real nice staff...
08:28 07 Jan 20
Brought my 69 Camaro here many times to do thousands of dollars of business 2012-2013. They were very nice and knowledgeable. So not sure why this happened. I brought two carbs in, one was the original two barrel which was installed in the car and other was a four barrel Holley. I was contemplating which to put in. The head guy there said it was a coincidence that there was a Holley there that another customer brought in that was identical to mine but was leaking from everywhere a carb could leak. After discussing the carbs with him I decided to leave the two barrel on the car. He asked if I was sure and did I think I would ever use the Holley and I thought it odd he asked me a few times and also right before I left. I said I would not, my mind was made up, I picked up the car and the Holley was put in its original box. Well after a couple weeks I decided to try the Holley again. I installed it and the car would not start. I thought it was weird and kept trying to turn it over. Finally I went to the carb and there was fuel all over the top of the engine. I realized then the reason why he had confirmed with me more than once that I had not planned to use the carb, it was because they switched the leaky one with mine after I assured him I was not going to use it. Be very careful if you bring parts in there. Mark them in some way and take a pic. I’ve never been back and I’m kind of sad as I thought there was a kind of friendship. This incident happened in 2013 and it’s bugged me for a long time. I just had given the shop a one star rating with no explanation. Finally decided an explanation is needed. I hope the guy is still there and reads this and remembers. I wasn’t angry at the time nor now I’m just disappointed and sad at the situation. At least he’ll know I was aware of what happened.
Jamie Sugarman
Jamie Sugarman
06:13 24 Jul 19
Corvette Mike’s is top notch for Corvette service and restoration needs. I spent more than 25 years maintaining my C-3 Corvette and was hesitant to turn it over to someone that didn’t appreciate what has become my “classic”. In 2004 I first met this tight group of specialists who understand the cars and valued my concern for detail. My car is no longer a daily driver but I still love to drive it when the time calls. Like all ’69 coupes mine had issues with a leaky and temperamental AC, a troublesome ventilation system and engine cooling that sometimes gives under the heat of the summer. It was time for conversion to R134a and Carl found the right mix of rebuilt and replacement parts to maintain the authenticity and OEM look. They rebuilt the compressor and made it look factory fresh, provided a POA valve that maintained the original appearance and installed a new aluminum radiator. Finally the car provides reliable cold air and can idle in hot weather traffic without worries of overheating. The power windows were also serviced. A series of minor parts replacement, parts cleanup, rebuilt motors and new window seals has the system working better than when I bought it. Professional and “car service” don’t always go together but they do at Mike Vietro’s. They know restoration and repair. Thanks again for professional grade work.
Wayne DeLeeuw
Wayne DeLeeuw
02:27 23 Jul 19
Did a terrific job inspecting my car.
Clarence Stephens
Clarence Stephens
19:39 28 Jun 19
Chris was great, he explained everything that was needed and made some valuable suggestion. I would highly recommend Chris andI corvette Mike..
Greg Remender
Greg Remender
21:47 22 May 19
It wasn't a pleasant experience at all. I'm shopping for a particular year car and instead of kindly educating me , the salesman came off arrogant and a know it all. I don't plan on doing any business there.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez
23:52 15 May 19
Just purchased a ZL1 brand new and they gave me such a good deal, I purchased it online and was just delivered. Amazing customer service highly recommended A+++
Grant Fry
Grant Fry
15:11 25 Apr 19
Recently, I made a service appointment for Wednesday, April 24th at 8am. I drove my 1996 Corvette to Corvette Mike’s and met with Carl, who I requested to replace my spark plugs if they were factory (old) and inspect the spark plug cables. I left and walked over to a Starbuck’s to wait for a call regarding my car, and received a call less than 90 minutes later. Carl informed me that my plugs were not factory and had been changed to a platinum type plug and that all was fine with the car. I asked him what I owed for the spark plug inspection and he told me it was free of charge! I was quite surprised that a specialty automotive repair/maintenance/restoration shop would not charge for this diagnostic service. I want to thank Corvette Mike’s and especially Carl Pugh for this professional, friendly, and honest experience. I’ll definitely return for any maintenance and repairs for my Corvette that I can’t easily perform myself!Grant F
William Serex
William Serex
11:11 20 Mar 19
Very simple!!! Its just like living in the 60s....
Gordon Fong
Gordon Fong
18:39 04 Jan 19
I've been coming here to Corvette Mike for well over 10 years. Carl and Chris have been helpful in servicing my 1990 Vette all these years. 👍Gordon
Keith Roby
Keith Roby
03:08 29 Nov 18
I met Mike today. He's an awesome guy with loads of experience and knowledge. Great experience!
Chris Reich
Chris Reich
02:44 24 Nov 18
Very clean shop, I'm still in the middle of a repair on the C4, awaiting some defective wetherstrip that needs replacing to come in, but you get the 5th star because of Chris' attention to detail, communication skills, and going above and beyond for your customers. and when the time comes for the 60 C1 to get restored I'm hoping that you will help me out...
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia
20:24 08 Oct 18
Just had my car serviced today! The staff and service by Chris was awesome!! Would recommend this place 100%
Raymond D
Raymond D
21:26 06 Aug 18
I recently purchased a 57' Corvette that Corvette Mikes put up for auction. I'm in Arizona and the transaction from California could not have been handled better. After the car arrived I found some things that I thought needed attention ... Corvette Mikes was not required to help me on this but they were extremely interested in listening to me and they stepped up and helped me get this done. I would feel comfortable buying from them again. It's refreshing to be treated well.RD
Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee
23:00 19 Oct 17
Chris was happy to answer a few technical questions i had and helped me out of a jam....what a great attitude to boot . thanks guys
Barry Wilson
Barry Wilson
18:48 18 Sep 17
My mechanic for many years recommended this place when I needed a new gas tank for my 1973 Corvette and I'm sure glad he did. They were professional, fairly priced and fun to work with Let's face it operating and maintaining a vintage Corvette will never be cheap but hey it's a labor of love and Corvette Mike understands. Thanks Chad and Neida for a great experience and my mechanic, Kevin, for a great recommendation.
Glen Gartley
Glen Gartley
16:36 15 Aug 17
I want to thank all the people at Corvette Mikes for the fantastic work they are doing on my 62 "project" car. I brought it in as intending to do a quick "just get it running and on the road" but the work Scott is doing is putting it well past the beater status it might of wound up as. This car is definitely going to be something any vette owner would be proud of. I cant wait to get it done and show it off!!! I have more projects for you Scott!!!
Mark Gerson
Mark Gerson
17:00 27 Jul 17
They are the BEST, I tried my Local Auto Nation Dealer first and My Corvette spent 2 weeks there with no solution to the problem.I had it towed to Corvette Mike's and in 2 days it was Ready to go home!Thank You Chad & Chris & Jeff.
rich brett
rich brett
17:25 22 May 17
I use to bring my car to mike's in the 70s and 80s when I lived on O.C.and was always happy with the results. Since I moved away I have been using local corvette shops and have not been pleased with the results. I have finally given up looking for another reliable vet shop and decided to just make the trek to O..C. and let mike's do it right the first time. Scott was very helpful, and kept me informed about progress and issues, and the car was finished in a very reasonable amount of time. (unlike other places I've used).
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