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The Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction is known as the largest car show and auction in the country. The 2023 auction kicked off at WestWorld in Scottsdale and will not disappoint. It has a record number of cars for auction.

The CEO of Barrett-Jackson, Craig Jackson, says more than 1,900 cars are signed up for the event this season. β€œIt’s an undertaking and it has to click. We sell a car every two minutes,” said Jackson.

The Barrett-Jackson auction is the main event this year, but not the only auction in town. Both RM Sotheby’s (January 26) and Bonhams (January 27) have some very high-quality cars going across the auction block this year.

If you are able to make it, be on the lookout for Mike. He is already there looking at cars for our clients.

Win this 2023 70th Anniversary Edition Corvette Stingray 3LT Convertible!

Movie cars range from fully custom creations to showroom stock with this 1965 Chevrolet Corvette convertible obviously falling into the latter group. As is the case with most classic cars, this one being auctioned off by Corvette Mike Anaheim on  Bring a Trailer has an interesting back story including its use in popular television shows and promotional campaigns.

Despite being a 1965 Corvette, this car was actually ordered by an employee of CBS in 1962 for use on the television series Route 66. Sadly, that show was cancelled about a month after this Corvette was built, but it was still delivered to the production company and repurposed to Perry Mason where it was reportedly used on that show’s final two seasons as character Paul Drake’s on-screen car – not a bad ride for a fictional private detective. This Corvette was also used in Chevrolet ad campaigns featuring stars from Bonanza, Bewitched and The Man [...]

It seems that we keep hearing about people going to car shows, only to have their car stolen while they sleep.

A few months ago, we told you about somebody that had their entire truck and trailer, with a classic Corvette in the back, stolen. Now Gary and Vicki Pasch’s, while going to Bloomington Gold in Indianapolis, had their 1965 Fuelie Corvette taken while they slept at a local motel.

As is the case with most classic car owners, this 1965 Fuelie had massive sentimental value to them, as they had bought it 47 years ago as newlyweds.

After 3 months, the couple had given up hope of ever seeing their car again, but then the phone rang. On the other end was an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer who informed them that their car had been found in a storage unit just a few blocks away from the Motel it was stolen from.


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