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mike at barrett
mike at barrett

Rick Hendricks, Corvette Mike, and Chuck Ungurean Celebrating the number one Vin 2020 Corvette being sold. Number 1, In more ways than One!!

It was a good set of auctions in Scottsdale this last week, beating estimates with $244.1 million in sales reported so far. There was a total of 8 different auctions this year with 3,867 cars for sale. Of these 2,994 cars or 77% found new homes! Here are the totals by auction:     BARRETT-JACKSON: 1,908 out of 1,909 cars sold for a total of $137.1M     GOODING & COMPANY: 122 out of 137 cars sold for a total of $35.8M     RM SOTHEBY'S: 128 out of 143 cars sold for a total of $30.3M     LEAKE AUCTIONS: 357 out of 674 cars sold for a total of $16.6M     BONHAMS: 88 out of 108 cars sold for a total of $8.4M     RUSSO AND STEELE: 251 out of 513 cars sold for a total of $8.0M     WORLDWIDE: 42 out of 55 cars sold for a total of $6.1M     MAG AUCTIONS: 98 out of 326 cars sold for a total of $1 [...]
mike at auctions 2
mike at auctions 2   So, you want a car Offered at Barrett Jackson, but don’t have the time to go inspect the car and bid on it. Corvette Mike has the solution, Corvette Mike Concierge Service. With Corvette Mike’s 38 years of experience, Mike is extremely qualified to inspect all potential cars meeting your requirements, provide you with his proven accurate assessment of condition and value, and assist in the bidding/purchasing process. Don’t do the auction dance anymore. Let Mike save you time, travel and hotel costs, stress, anxiety, and the headache of the auction process. Mike will take care of all the steps while you reap the rewards. For more information, please email Mike at: CorvetteMike@CorvetteMike.Com Just in GM engineers charged with street racing The newest Chevy Corvette can apparently do at least 120 mph, but it's a bad idea to test that out in a 45 mph zone. Two General Motors engineers learned that lesson the hard w [...]
1964 grand sport gs iib 1
1964 grand sport gs iib 1

1-of-1 1964 Chevrolet Grand Sport IIB

Ever since Zora Arkus-Duntov produced Mid-Engined prototypes, Corvette fans have been waiting for a production version they could buy. Well, the wait is almost over, as the first production units are scheduled to roll off the production line next month. For some lucky people, the dream of owning a Mid-Engined Corvette was achieved many years ago when they acquired one of the prototypes. One such Vette is the 1964 Grand Sport IIB. Now, on March 8, this one-of-a-kind prototype will join the Amelia Island Concours to help celebrate the 2020 Corvette C8. This will be the first time it has been shown outside its original display at the Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas. It will be in good company, as the CERV I, CERV II, and Corvette XP-819, will be there also. Just in Corvette Plug-In Hybrid Spied Testing? There are new photos on the C8 Corvette outside of the Milford proving grounds showing a cable jutting out from the hood next to a T-shaped b [...]
happy new years 2020
Happy New YearsHope all your classic car wishes come true.C8.R Readying for their first outingBoth the yellow number 3 C8.R, driven by Antonio Garcia, Jordan Taylor, and Nicky Catsburg, and the silver number 4, driven by Oliver Gavin and Tommy Milner as its full-time drivers and Marcel Fässler, who fills out the driving team for the Michelin Endurance cup rounds, have now been shown by GM. Both C8.R’s will compete in the GT Le Mans class of the 2020 IMSA Weather Tech SportsCar Championship. Their first big test will be at the Rolex 24 at Daytona. Taylor, who replaces Jan Magnussen in a new-look lineup aboard the #3 C8.R, stressed that achieving reliability would be the first challenge for the team, but he feels the base level of the mid-engined racer is already strong. "The C8.R is obviously still very new, so reliability is always the first question," said Taylor, who will compete alongside Antonio Garcia and another newcomer, Nicky Catsburg, at Daytona. Just in Watch the C8.R Round track  To see the Corvette C8.R At Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, click 
peter max corvette collection
About a year ago we told you about a set of Corvettes that were from a contest VH1 did back in 1989. The winner of the contest sold the cars to Peter Max, who was going to use them in an art project. The cars ended up languishing in a single New York Metropolis parking storage instead. The collection included 36 Corvettes; one from every year starting in 1953 until 1989. The current owners, a group called Corvette Heroes, have restored each of the Corvettes and are going to raise money for the National Guard Educational Foundation by raffling the cars off. There will be two drawings to pick the winners. First, 36 tickets will be chosen at random to form a group of winners. Then another drawing will decide which winner gets which Corvette. Raffle tickets start at $3 for one, five tickets are $10 and 20 tickets go for $25. There are also discounts if you want to buy more up to 7,200 tickets for $5,000!. Just in C8 Nurburgring Lap Time rumor There is a new rumor about the C8 rounding the Nurburgring. The time they are stating is 7:28.30. In comparison, Z51 C7 set a time of 7:33, so the new car is considerably faster if these rumors are true. We at Corvette Mike have questions about this time though. Even tho [...]
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