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c8 factory picture
c8 factory picture The new C8 Corvette is scheduled to hit dealers’ lots at the end of this month or early next month, and we are getting some information on how the first batch is being built. Out of the first 440 units: 3LT trim level is most popular so far with 298 buyers. 2LT is next with 145 ordered There is a single 1LT, which is most likely for GM testing. Z51 Performance Package is in demand with 402 ordered. And 357 of them getting the magnetic suspension system, too. The front lift had 360 orders. Carbon appliance package 277. Colors: Arctic White is most popular at 107 cars. Torch Red is almost as popular with 102 cars. Black takes third place with 81 orders. Ceramic Matrix Gray 51. Sebring Orange 50. Shadow Gray 49 customers. Only 36 people are getting museum delivery. Selectable VIN ($5,000): 17 people got this. Average MSRP: $84,813. The cheapest car has an MSRP of: $66.990 The highest MSRP was: $101,250 Just in New C7 Corvette Inventory Dropping Fast According to Chevrolet, there [...]
c8 z06 spy shot

c8 z06 spy shotCopyright Motor1.Com

As Chevy does more and more testing of the next iteration of the C8 Corvette, we are starting to see more and more spy shots/videos of them. The newest, and best-detailed one so far, shows what people are thinking is the new Z06. The video was shot on the I5 freeway in Valencia, California. The 30-second clip provides a look at the rear end of the cars. Of course, these are still heavily camouflaged and there’s not much to be seen from the actual body shape and details. What’s more important, however, it seems that Chevrolet is benchmarking the new Z06 with what appears to be a Ferrari 458 Italia. It’s good to know that the engineers will make sure the hardcore ‘Vette will be up to date with its European supercar competition. According to preliminary information, the new Z06 will use a modified version of the 5.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 with a flat-plane crank from the C8.R race car. If t [...]
c8 nurburgring lap time
c8 nurburgring lap time Earlier this week Chevy released a trailer for a new documentary about the C8's development, which was full of seemingly innocuous beauty shots of the 'Vette and interviews with employees. But about two-thirds of the way through the trailer there's a panning shot of the Nürburgring race track, and "painted" on the track is a lap time. That time reads 7:29.9, and it's legit. The lap time was set by Oliver Gavin, a five-time Le Mans-winning driver for the Corvette Racing team. A Chevy spokesperson said in a statement that the uncertified time was set last summer by a new Corvette with the optional Z51 Performance Package. Because if you're gonna have someone set a lap time at the 'Ring with your radical new sports car, it might as well be a decorated race car driver, right? In a tweet that also includes the documentary trailer, Gavin said he had "a great time behind the wheel" and that Chevy "even let me set a lap time!" A lap time of 7:29.9 is a great starting point for the new Corvette. This time is just barely off the Camaro ZL1 tim [...]
c8 delivery
c8 delivery In a press release regarding the recent sale of VIN #0001 C8 for $3,000,000 at Barrett Jackson, Chevrolet revealed that the first customer cars will be delivered before the end of February. “Corvette coupe production will begin at GM’s Bowling Green Assembly Plant in Kentucky in early February, with customer deliveries slated to begin before the end of February,” the statement reads. Requests for a more specific date on when the first C8 will be delivered were declined. Just in C8 Will Get 27 MPG on the Highway!  Chevrolet has revealed the EPA fuel-economy numbers for the 2020 Corvette. The upcoming mid-engine Vette is rated at 15 mpg in the city and 27 on the highway, which compares favorably against competitors including the 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S and the outgoing C7.   Inbound NOW!
mike at barrett
mike at barrett

Rick Hendricks, Corvette Mike, and Chuck Ungurean Celebrating the number one Vin 2020 Corvette being sold. Number 1, In more ways than One!!

It was a good set of auctions in Scottsdale this last week, beating estimates with $244.1 million in sales reported so far. There was a total of 8 different auctions this year with 3,867 cars for sale. Of these 2,994 cars or 77% found new homes! Here are the totals by auction:     BARRETT-JACKSON: 1,908 out of 1,909 cars sold for a total of $137.1M     GOODING & COMPANY: 122 out of 137 cars sold for a total of $35.8M     RM SOTHEBY'S: 128 out of 143 cars sold for a total of $30.3M     LEAKE AUCTIONS: 357 out of 674 cars sold for a total of $16.6M     BONHAMS: 88 out of 108 cars sold for a total of $8.4M     RUSSO AND STEELE: 251 out of 513 cars sold for a total of $8.0M     WORLDWIDE: 42 out of 55 cars sold for a total of $6.1M     MAG AUCTIONS: 98 out of 326 cars sold for a total of $1 [...]
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