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We just got in a 1971 LS6 Corvette! There were only 188 LS6 optioned Corvettes produced in 1971 (the only year the LS6 option was available) and was the last of the high HP (rated at 425HP) Corvettes. After 1971 the horsepower and torque numbers began to drop radically, due to the insurance companies and other bureaucracy that existed in the USA at the time.

The LS6 Corvette followed the L88 corvette of the late 1960′s and was truly a testament to the corvette lineage, as it carried on the tradition of outperforming most of the muscle car of the time. As with all the previous Corvettes, the LS6 was an option and not normally found on a dealer’s lot, so you had to know what to order to get it.

The LS6 came from the factory with hydraulic lifters, high performance camshaft, 425HP and 475LBS/FT. The crankcase could hold five quarts of oil and [...]

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