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2 Corvettes met unfortunate fate at the Northeast Grand Prix ALMS

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In automotive racing, crashes are inevitable. Whether they happen right at the beginning of a long race or near the end, the results can be devastating to a driver’s race position. Recently, two Corvettes met this unfortunate fate at the Northeast Grand Prix ALMS race at Lime Rock. Although the drivers weren’t hurt, the crash crippled their cars and caused them to drop down in standings.

As announced on Corvette Blogger, the two Corvettes, numbers 3 and 4, were involved in a nasty crash just 20 minutes into the 2 hour and 45 minute long race. After contact between an Extreme Speed Ferrari and an LMPC prototype occurred in front of them, the two Corvettes and the Number 55 BMW slammed into one another, getting tangled together. The crash caused damage to the front of both Corvettes and front suspension damage to the number 3 car. Although the Corvette pit crews raced to fix the damage to the cars in pit lane, the repairs took a chunk of time, causing the Corvettes to enter back into the race 15 to 20 laps behind the leader.

Just like most automotive races, the Northeast Grand Prix was being filmed from several locations on the track when the crash occurred. In the footage you can see the crash occur as well as the cars heading to pit lane for their many repairs. Once in pit lane, the crews can be seen tearing body panels off of the Corvettes and securing pieces with yellow helicopter tape.

Although the crash severely disabled the Corvettes for some time, the cars and their drivers were able to enter back into the race, completing the course in 9th and 10th places. In points race, the Corvettes are currently in second and fourth places.

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