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GM’s Private Stash for Sale

GM is selling some of their in-house collection of Corvettes at Barrett-Jackson this week. At its sale in Palm Beach starting today, Barrett-Jackson will be auctioning off no fewer than ten factory Corvettes (plus another handful of vehicles) from Chevy’s own stockpile and the GM Heritage Collection.

The oldest among them is a 1990 C4 prototype set up in right-hand drive to evaluate potential export to the UK, Japan, and Australia. There’s a 1993 C4 LT1 convertible with matching interior trim and the underside of the hood signed by all the assembly-line workers. And another ’94 C4 equipped with a giant 572-cubic-inch (9.4-liter) crate engine.

They’re joined by a yellow, C6-based Pacific concept with all manner of carbon-fiber components and other upgrades. There’s also a 2016 Stingray and five Z06s showcased at various events across the country – including several with low VINs.

It’s not all about the ‘Vettes, though: there’s a pair of Camaros – one from ’93 with that same monster 572-ci V8 and another from ’97 with a nearly-as-large 510-cubic-inch marine engine. And a pair of pickup trucks – including a short-wheelbase 2002 S-10 with the six-speed from a Camaro, and a 2000 Silverado SST with the soul of a Corvette (including its 6.6-liter V8).

Some of the more experimental vehicles are being sold with a “scrap” title and aren’t certified for road use, but they all represent a rare opportunity to buy a unique vehicle straight from the factory.

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