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One of these would be a pot of Gold!


Aztec Gold Car Number 5 out of 15 Made!

In 1998 GM experimented with a high metallic paint “Aztec Gold Metallic” for the 50th Anniversary in 2003. GM first took 5 cars and painted them. Then Will Cooksey and his team noticed that in certain light and angles the car looks like a different color from neighboring body panel. Then Corvette took 5 more cars and some advice from DuPont and tried again. With the same results Will Cooksey had an expert from DuPont fly out and try again with 5 more. The first series was painted on 10/22/1997. The second series was painted on 11/17/1997. The final five were completed on 11/26/1997. The paint results on all 15 corvettes were the same. All the body panels where removed from the cars and inspected. Then panel-by-panel each corvette was hand assembled with the panels that closely matched. It is said that no 2 Aztec Gold corvettes look the same, but if you where not looking for the differences you would never see it. GM has a high standard for consistency, so the project was cancelled for “Aztec Gold”. All 15 prototypes cars were shipped to the GM Tech Center in Warren Michigan. There was a private auction only open to GM Executives and limited number of dealers. 3 Convertibles where made, 12 where coupes for a total of 15.


Sequence Number Build Date Job Number VIN Model Transmission RPO
1 10/22/1997 8946 1G1YY22G8W5109036 Coupe Auto GU2
2 10/22/1997 8947 1G1YY22GXW5109037 Coupe Auto GU2
3 10/22/1997 8948 1G1YY22G1W5109038 Coupe Auto GU2
4 10/22/1997 8949 1G1YY22G3W5109039 Coupe Auto GU2
5 10/22/1997 8950 1G1YY22GXW5109040 Coupe Auto GU2
6 11/6/1997 10548 1G1YY22G8W5110638 Coupe Auto G92
7 11/6/1997 10549 1G1YY32G2W5110639 Convertible Auto GU2
8 11/6/1997 10550 1G1YY22G6W5110640 Coupe Auto G92
9 11/6/1997 10551 1G1YY22G8W5110641 Coupe Auto G92
10 11/6/1997 10552 1G1YY22GXW5110642 Coupe Auto GU2
11 11/10/1997 10898 1G1YY22G2W5110988 Coupe Auto G92
12 11/10/1997 10899 1G1YY32G7W5110989 Convertible Six-Speed GU6
13 11/10/1997 10900 1G1YY22G0W5110990 Coupe Auto G92
14 11/10/1997 10901 1G1YY32G5W5110991 Convertible Auto GU2
15 11/10/1997 10902 1G1YY22G4W5110992 Coupe Auto G92
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