">Suspect Involved In Corvette Road Rage Shooting Apprehended

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Suspect Involved In Corvette Road Rage Shooting Apprehended

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Corvette Road RageUPDATED:  You may have heard about the road rage incident between a Yellow C6 Corvette and a Mustang, but just in case, here is what happened:
Angelina Christiana (44 years old) and her son (25 years old) were driving in the middle lane on Stone Mountain freeway in Georgia, near the east side of Atlanta, when a white Mustang unexplainably pulled up and started to tailgate her. Angelina motioned to the Mustang driver to go around, the Mustang driver then pulled to the side of her and opened fire, with at least 6 shots being fired at her, hitting her in the back, but fortunately missing her son. Angelina then lost control of her Corvette and spun out off to the side of the freeway; she is still in serious to critical condition, almost a week later.

It was starting to look like the Mustang driver would not be caught, but ultimately witness accounts helped police to track the shooter down. A convicted felon, Jose Dionicio Ovalles, with an already long rap sheet, was the Mustang-driving suspect now being charged with two counts of aggravated assault and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The roads are now a bit safer with Ovalles off of them and in custody, but road rage incidents are on the rise and we must all be extra careful when encountering these type of drivers.

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