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Thundering Thursday – Missing C7 ZR1

We were, as were a lot of other people, counting down the days to the debut of the new C7 ZR1 at the 2017 Detroit auto show this week, but it was nowhere to be seen.

It is now being reported that the new ZR1 will be unveiled in August, 2017; specifically, at that month’s Continental Tire Road Race Showcase at Road America. As the ZR1 is still not official, there was no reason for pushing out the reveal all the way out until this summer. The reports are saying the project hasn’t been delayed though, which means we should still see it on sale by late 2017 or early 2018. It will arrive as a 2018 model.

We were hoping that the reveal of the C7 ZR1 would have answered the question about the new LT5 and which new Corvette it is going into. The new LT5 is reported to be a 6.2-liter naturally aspirated DOCH V-8, and is slated to go into the new ZR1 or the mid-engine C8; it may even go into both???

A side note about the C8, mid-engine, Corvette, its debut is still expected at the 2018 Detroit auto show.

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